About Our School

Vision Statement

In order to prepare students for the diverse, constantly changing world of the 21st century, we, the Olympic community, will continue to offer and develop a variety of special programs, resources, and alternative learning opportunities which encourage all students to live and work peacefully and collaboratively with others.

Mission Statement

The mission of Olympic High School is to help students achieve academic goals, to develop appropriate interpersonal skills, to make intelligent independent choices, and to become self-directed and responsible.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose at Olympic High School is to meet the needs of students who, for a variety of reasons, are not on track to graduate from high school.  Teachers and staff use standards-based instruction, best practices, and data informed decision making to help each student get on track toward graduating from Olympic High School, graduating from her/his comprehensive high school, or passing the GED.  We strive to teach both the academics and the life skills that will lead our students to be successful in college, technical school and the job market, and become responsible and productive citizens in the local and global community.

Student Learning Outcomes / Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRS or SLOS)

A graduate from Olympic High School should:

Speak Up! (Effective Communication)
Know how to listen, write, speak, and effectively communicate to difference audiences
as well as demonstrate code-switching abilities.

Think Powerfully!  (Complex Thinker)
Be able to use logic and creativity as well as establish priorities when addressing complex tasks.

Choose Your Own Path!  (Self-Directed Learner)
Take responsibility for one's own learning, both in and out of school, to become independent, successful adults.

Be Tech Friendly!  (Effective and Ethical User of Technology)
Be able to login, use common software/applications/devices, and understand the implications of technology
while being a responsible citizen and worker.

Take Care of Yourself and Others!  (Health and Wellness, Global Citizen, Community Contributor)
Have an understanding of health (physical and mental) and its connection to the world around us, give back to the community in which they live,
and understand that acceptance and tolerance are needed locally, nationally and globally.

What Makes Olympic Alternative?
¿Qué hace Olympic comoescuela alternativa?

Smaller Class Size Clases de Pequeñas
Self-paced learning Aprendizaje al paso
Counseling Services Servicios de Consejero
Flexibility Flexibilidad
P.E. is not required for graduation Educación Física no es requerida
Six Week grading periods Seis semanas de periodo para calificaciones
Welcome to Olympic Orientation Class “Primer Paso” clase de la orientación
Career Transitions Program  

How Credit is Earned at Olympic

Education Code Provides the Following Methods for Earning Credit at a Continuation School

Productive Period or Productive Hour Method

While education code does not specifically address how to value credit, at Olympic as in most continuation schools throughout the state,
1 credit can be earned by completing 16 productive class periods (45 minutes each) or 12 clock hours of work.
Productivity is defined as the effort put into the work as well as the quality and outcome of the work, not just the time spent.

Project or Unit Method

Teacher values the completion of a specific amount of work based on how long it takes the 'average' student to complete it
and awards credit once the project or unit is completed and demonstration of competency is shown. There is no time limit attached to this method.

Testing Out or Course Challenge

Student challenges the course content by means of a test.  If the student passes the 'final', then full credit is awarded for that course.

Homework (“Fast Track”)

Olympic does not require homework but students with excellent attendance can complete assignments at home and receive additional credit.

Graduation Requirements at Olympic High School

Olympic High School Credit Requirements 2015-16

English 40
Algebra 10
Other Math 20
Biology - Life Science 10
GPS - Physical Science 10
World History 10
U.S. History 10
Government   5
Economics   5
VAPA/Foreign Language/CTE 20
Electives 60
Total 190

Ways to Earn Additional Credit

Service Learning
Adding Additional Classes
Independent Learning Contracts (Competency based)
Work Experience
After-school programs
Concurrent Enrollment/Adult School
Summer School
Regional Occupation Program (ROP)
Community College (DVC, LMC, etc.)
Cyber High

Graduation at Olympic

As an Olympic student there are two ways to graduate from high school

1.  Complete 200 Credits here at Olympic and 'walk the stage' at the Concord Pavilion as an Olympic High School graduate.

2.  Complete 190-200 credits at Olympic return to your former comprehensive high school in the spring semester and earn the remaining 20/30 credits and 'walk the stage' at the Concord Pavilion as a graduate of your former school.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 925 687-0363

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