Olympic High School 'Elective Day' Huge Success

Olympic High School's first Elective Day was held on November 11th.  Regular classes were cancelled and teachers, staff, parents, students, and community members offered a variety of elective classes and seminars for students to enjoy for the day.  Students were asked what type of classes they would like and the community responded. 

Twenty four classes were offered such as yoga, youth and the law, how to get off probation, cooking, beading, sewing, baseball and make-up.  We are especially grateful to community members who gave classes at no cost to the students.

Our sincere thanks goes out to the following:   

Patrick Bradley of Bradley School of Music and Santana's percussionist Vieleto Orestes; 
Musician Nagelo Luster
Al-Anon Coordinator Marilyn Gowrad
Gang prevention and Anger management specialist Eric Johnson
Probation Officers Tom Kein, Nancy Kenoyer, and Erin Wilson
Concord's Officer Stroud
EDI president Edi Birsan
Yoga instructor Antonia Fokken
Detective Rivera of CPD and  many others.

A big thank you to our vice principal, Margaret Lowry for organizing this event and our students and staff for taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities our guests provided.



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