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Mathematics Courses

Algebra Concepts and Skills (1056)

This course is designed for students to further develop an understanding of functions, algebra, geometry, statistics, probabilities, measurement, logic and number sense.   This course emphasizes development of algebraic skills and concepts necessary to pass the standardized district-wide tests. Students will communicate mathematical thinking verbally and in written form, and apply the concepts to real-world situations.

This course fulfills general mathematical credits required for graduation.

Algebra 1 (1310)

Completion of this course fulfills the California State Algebra 1 graduation requirement (10 credits) This course covers the twenty-five California State Mathematics Standard. The ability to communicate mathematical reasoning and understanding is incorporated into all topics. In addition, algebraic skills and concepts are developed and used in a wide variety of problem solving situations.

This course does fulfill the Algebra 1 graduation requirement.

Career Integrated Academics

                      Math Competencies with Activities

What do students need to know?




CIA Activity

1. Develop skills for communicating mathematically



Solve Multi-step mathematical problems


Algebra Standard 2.1.6


Complete description of budget/financial project

Create a presentation

Financial/budget project

2. Develop ability to reason logically


Problem Solve

Know how to use Internet to search for information

Complete assigned requirements for project

Word processing

3. Build


Mathematical models, formulate and solve problems


Problem Solve

Use a spreadsheet

Spend, save, invest

Use a spreadsheet to record information and calculate financial/budgeting project

4. Improve mathematical skills necessary to be successful in multiple careers


Problem Solve

Evaluate effectiveness of financial career choice

Prioritize spending

Use word processing program



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