Parent of 2010 Graduate Expresses Appreciation

To The Wonderful Staff, Teachers and Administrators at Olympic,

Thank You!  I mean this from the bottom of my heart.  The way you all took Megan under your wings and helped her see her niche, helped her learn, think, and plan for her future was beautiful to witness.  I was (foolishly) adamantly opposed to her coming to Olympic out of my own fear - but I was so wrong.  From her first week at Olympic she would come home and talk about what she was learning.  She didn't just show up to skate by and just get her units - you tailored a program for her that helped her flourish.  You all do such important work with such limited resources and I can honestly say the well rounded program you run taught her more than she learned anywhere else.

Please know that during a time in our family that was very trying with health issues - knowing that Megan was being looked after, cared about and truly 'seen' by you all was  a huge blessing.

Please know what you do makes a HUGE IMPACT!

Thank you,

Amy Scott ( mom of Megan Scott)

Megan Scott, Octavio Arias, Hiva Pauu

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