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Ms. K

Holly Pitts

Olympic offers laboratory sciences in both  Earth Science II and Biology 1. 

Earn Additional Science Credit by completing Fast Track Assignments available on Homelink.

Both science classes at Olympic are designed to engage students in scientific processes and skills.  Critical thinking and application of science principles and technology to personal decision making is emphasized.  Diverse instructional methods are utilized in order to differentiate instruction according to student needs. All skills and concepts, methodology, materials, and projects are directly aligned with state and district science standards.  

Earth Science II fulfills the 10 credit Physical Science high school graduation requirement and covers astronomy, geology, plate tectonics, meteorology, and physical oceanography.  Earth Science II meets the University of California “a - g” requirements. 

Biology 1 fulfills the 10 credit Life Science high school graduation requirement and covers genetics, evolution, classification of living things, the structure and function of molecules, cells, tissues, organs and systems that make up living organisms.  Biology 1 qualifies as a laboratory science course and meets the University of California “d” or “f” admission requirement.

Career Integrated Academics

Science Department Information Literacy Competencies w/Activities

What do students need to know?




CIA Activity


Know the industry standard software programs for spreadsheets.

Know the features and functions of a spreadsheet program.

Identify a spreadsheet program with features and functions.

Use EXCEL  to record and display data associated with laboratory experiments.

Internet Use

Know effective Internet search strategies, communication tools, ethics and copyright issues.

Know how to use the Internet effectively and efficiently to search and communicate information via the World Wide Web.

Identify and utilize an Internet browser to perform search and communication functions.

As a Fast Track (extra credit) option students will research and report on a current scientific issue tied to the term topic, complete a 2 page report, and correctly cite valid internet sources.


Ms. K's Earth Science II

Credit & Grades
• No grades or credit for less than C level work – BUT you can re-do assignments.

• Assignments must be at least 70% correct to earn credit.
• Each class assignment is worth 10 points.  160 points = 1 credit.

* Must participate in lecture
* Must complete the assignment or activity.

• Bonus points can be earned for:
- Extra assignment work
- Extension (Fast track) credit assignments (up to a credit each!)
- Independent Study using our textbook

Tips on Credits…
If you are in class and working every day, you will earn 10 points for every completed assignment. You may also earn bonus points for binder checks and Lifeline warm-ups. In order to earn maximum points each day, arrive in class on time, stay on task, and finish the daily assignment. I structure the assignments so that productive students earn at least 320 points (2 credits) in every 6 week term. NOTE: “Life Line” warm ups are an important part of your productive work.

There is NO credit for “Seat Time”! Credit is earned only by completing assignments.


Grades you choose!

• Complete the “Required” activities (these are state standards)

On some days you will be given assignment choices. Complete a difficult assignment and you earn an “A”. Go for an easier assignment and you will earn a “C”. Your term grade is a combination of assignment choice grades and bonus quiz scores.
90% - 100% = A
80% - 89% = B
70% - 79% = C
Below 70% = your work will be returned to you so that you may correct it for full credit.

Class Procedures:

Class Start:
Get out your binder and a pen or pencil
Complete your warm-up (it’s worth extra grade points!)
Lectures: Let’s get through it as quickly as possible!
HUSH mode during lectures
Raise your hand before asking a question
Take notes (I’ll help!)

Transition quickly! Get your materials and get started! You must finish the activity to get any points.
If you can’t decide on an activity, Ms. K. will choose for you.

Class End:
Complete your Learning Log for extra points.
Put away any materials as you found them. Put away your binder.
Return to your seat until the bell rings!

Classroom Behavior Expectations
ALL Olympic High rules will be followed.
1. No visible electronics (phones, ear buds, etc.)
2. Follow acceptable dress standards
3. Bottled water is OK, no food or other beverages in classroom.

Respect each other:
Treat all students and staff respectfully.
Raise your hand and wait until called upon before speaking.
Keep everyone safe! LABORATORY SAFETY IS A MUST AT ALL TIMES. Any student that does not cooperate with the lab safety rules can be removed from class PERMANENTLY.

Respect class time:
Come on time and prepared to class with binder, pencil/pen, and paper.
Be in your seat and start the warm-up when class begins.
Listen to activity directions.
Do not distract others from learning.

Respect classroom materials:
Leave the classroom and lab areas as you found them.
No food in science classrooms.


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