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As part of its overall educational program, Olympic High School offers students an opportunity to participate as Service Learning volunteers in its Learning to Serve - Serving to Learn program.

By doing so, students have the opportunity to assist their community and also learn the necessary skills which will ultimately be expected of them in any job situation.

Expanded in part by a grant from CalServe, the Service Learning program has been placing students in the community since 1978.  

Service Learning Students Painted

Mural at Westwood Elementary School

Service Learning is an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for those who participate.  Students are placed in elementary school classrooms, community agencies, and centers for children with special needs for 100 hours of service. During this time, Olympic students work directly with community agency supervisors and clients doing a variety of tasks related to the specific agency.

Students also link their studies directly to their placement and receive credit in a variety of subjects. The Service Learning Program's curriculum units give students an alternative way to earn credit and, at the same time, feel productive within their community.  Students complete a Directed English Journal which asks them to reflect on their experiences as well as explore important issues in their community.  They also attend a weekly curriculum support class where they meet with the service learning teachers and receive assistance with their journal and curriculum units. 

While the rest of the nation is just waking up to the idea of service learning as part of the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, Olympic High School's Service Learning Program has been placing students in in the community since 1978.

Our hope for the program is that students will enjoy their experiences as they discover more about their community and themselves. We strongly believe that our students make a positive impact on the community. Learning to Serve - Serving to Learn gives them an opportunity to "show" as well as to "grow."

Students Volunteering In The Service Learning Program






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