Tearing Down My Walls
by Junior Rosenberg
March 28, 2014

Yesterday, March 27, 2014, Olympic High School students participated in Tearing Down the Walls (TDTW). I can honestly say I think this was the best experience I have had at Olympic. I learned a lot about my peers’ problems, challenges, and how they grew up and what they went through as children. I thought I was alone in this school because of the issues, problems and challenges I had to go through growing up to the young adult I am today.
TDTW opened me up to things that I thought I could not tell anyone because I never had anyone to talk to; I never had anyone that would sit down and listen and relate to the things I told them.

At TDTW I figured out that I’m not alone and that a lot of the people I thought had perfect lives actually were going through the same things I was or am going through. I can say that the one person that I never thought went through the same thing I did was standing right in front of me the whole time and is one of my best friends here at Olympic high school.

TDTW really made me feel welcome in this life and taught me a bigger lesson than I already knew which was to not judge anyone by the way they look because you never know what problems and issues he or she has. You will never truly know a person until you listen to him or her; so don’t be afraid to take the stand and listen to someone when they need someone to talk to. I thought of this quote on my own, “A person who has secrets is afraid of sharing them; the person who shares a secret is afraid to tell a lie.”

So don’t be afraid to make a stand. Share yourself with the world and you will be surprised how many people will join you in honesty, reality, and making the world see that no one is perfect.

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