Universal Technical Institute Field Trip - January 15, 2013

On January 15th nine students from Olympic and Alliance high schools traveled to Sacramento to tour Universal Technical Institute.  It was a very impressive facility where students are trained to be technicians in automotive, diesel and collision repair.  Students work on Toyotas, Nissans and Fords.  They may also work on International, BMW, Honda, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.  We walked through the facility and saw the classrooms where students work on engines, transmissions, hydraulic applications, refrigeration units, fuel systems and do body work and painting.  Each class is taught by a trained specialist and the school is equipped with the latest technology similar to the equipment they would find at a dealership.

It was enlightening to see what types of schools are available to prepare students for careers.

The day ended in a pizza lunch which UTI provided.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.

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