Olympic High School

What Makes Olympic High School Alternative?


Olympic High School (OHS) is a small school with a maximum enrollment of 400 students including the Alliance Program. Relationships are the foundation of the Olympic experience and a strong sense of community and shared leadership make Olympic High School a safe, positive, and productive place to be.


Student interests, strengths and needs are valued and honored at Olympic High School. In addition to opportunities to advance in credits toward graduation with a high school diploma, Olympic students may participate in a number of non-traditional programs to advance their credits and to learn through real world experiences. Such opportunities include: Service Learning, Green Technology Internships, and Independent Health and Fitness Plans. For information about our First Step Program as well as the Olympic High School graduation requirements, Click Here.

In addition to programs offered at Olympic High School, students may also accumulate high school credits by dual enrollment in local community college, Regional Occupation Program and Adult Education courses. Currently, Diablo Valley Community College offers Business English after school two days weekly at Olympic High School.

Student leadership is encouraged and students have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions in the Olympic Leadership Class, Advisory Representative Council, School Site Council and Representative to the Board of Education.


Olympic students benefit from numerous resources available at our school. Students receive individualized support through an advisory check-in at the beginning and end of each day. Credit checks, goal setting, Green Tip of the Week, school-wide issues and student concerns serve as activities to help students keep track their progress and move toward their goals.

In addition, a number of counseling services and referrals are available to students and families in need through the Olympic Student Services Office.

Career and College

As a Green Technology High School, Olympic offers Career Technical Education (CTE) and related course projects focusing on Energy, Transportation and Waste Management. The Olympic Technology Center supports coursework and activities to help students gain the skills necessary to enter high skilled, high wage jobs in ecological and sustainable industries and organizations located in Contra Costa County. Currently, we are working with local industry partners to develop a number of workplace activities and internships to support real world learning and job skills.

The Olympic Career and College Center provides resource and support to students and families in the areas of career assessment and exploration, job placement and training, college application, financial aid and scholarships. Seniors receive extra support for college going and career development through senior coursework and advisory.

Additional Information About Olympic High School

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